Valdosta To The NFL: Malcolm Mitchell Approaching Stardom

It’s not everyday you get to play wide receiver in the National Football League. It’s certainly not everyday you get to catch balls from Tom Brady and be coached by future Hall of Famer Bill Belichick…in the Super Bowl.

Patriots rookie WR Malcolm Mitchell was fortunate enough to be put in that position, and he made sure he did not squander his opportunity.

Mitchell, a fourth-round draft pick out of UGA, started his rookie year off as, pretty much, a fourth round draft pick, beginning his career behind the likes of Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Chris Hogan.

Though he had a plethora of talented pass catchers in front of him, Mitchell was a huge factor in the Patriots success for the second half of the season, and from week 11 on, the south Georgia product was Brady’s second favorite target, with 25 receptions for 306 yards and four touchdowns. Not bad for someone who dislocated his elbow in the preseason and wasn’t expected to play much of a role this season for New England.

While staying out of the limelight, Mitchell had one of the best rookie years for a wide receiver during the Belichick/Brady era. His 32 receptions ranks third, his 401 yards ranks fourth, and his four receiving touchdowns rank first amongst all rookie wideouts to ever play under this iconic coach/qb duo. Even more so, Mitchell now holds the lengthy title of the “only rookie to ever catch a pass from Tom Brady during the Super Bowl.”

However, Mitchell reads more than just the playbook. He is a well-known advocate for youth reading and has even authored his own children’s book, “The Magician’s Hat.”

Sure, the overwhelming majority of Georgia fans were rooting for the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl on Sunday, but it should soften the blow at least a little knowing that Mitchell’s dream has come true.

“When your name is called and you get an opportunity, you try to do the best you can do to help the team,” Mitchell said.

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