CBS Rates UGA’s Running Backs As If They Were In A Video Game

The last time EA Sports released a copy of their touted NCAA Football video game was three years ago.  NCAA Football 2014 had both Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall rated within the top-35 for running backs, with Gurley as the 8th best and Marshall as the 24th best. Of all the running backs rated in the top-10, Gurley is the only one of the group to rush for more than 500 yards in an NFL season and win Rookie of the Year.

If EA Sports were to come out with an NCAA Football 17 video game for this upcoming season, the Bulldogs would once again have one of the best backfields in the video game.  According to Robby Kalland and Ben Kercheval of CBS Sports, UGA has a backfield unlike any other school in the nation, with both Nick Chubb and Sony Michel landing in the top-10 for running backs. Chubb received an overall rating of a 95, which landed him third on the list behind LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey, who both were awarded ratings of 96. Michel, on the other hand, is the was rated as the 9th best back with an overall rating of 87. Michel was awarded the highest top speed and acceleration rating out of all the backs that made the list.

Georgia fans don’t need a video game to tell them how special their running backs are, though. During the 2014 season with Gurley’s suspension and injury, Chubb exploded onto the scene as he ran for more than 110 yards and scored at least one touchdown in every game in Gurley’s absence. In Fact, Chubb has never rushed for under 110 yards in a game he started, other than the fateful game against Tennessee, in which Michel came in and rushed for 145 yards.

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